Dublin Carol

By: Conor McPherson

Dublin Carol

Directed by: Madeline Finn

Produced by: The Black Mirror Theatre

Sound by: Michelle Rebollo


John...... Jackson Harned

Mark......Ryan Lawson-Maeske

Mary.......Bryn McLaughlin

Director's Note:

In spite of year that turned Broadway and many theatre companies dark, The Black Mirror Theatre Company was determined to continue making theatre/art in any way it could. In the holiday spirit, we decided to produce Dublin Carrol, a beautiful Irish show about the connections made and lost over time during the Christmas Holiday. I decided to turn this play into a radio play in order to help with social distancing for actors and audience to be able to listen at home. Shown through Showtix4U.com each ticket cost was donated to the St. Louis Food Bank. In a year of struggle, I felt it was best to give back to our community.

-Madeline Finn